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Dot Net Bloviates Again!

This is a spoof site. To go to the well known anti fraud international web forum, CLICK HERE but that site is rarely up, due to their buggy software, so go to 419eater!

A server error occurred. Gentle Giant Goofed. Please try again later.

Our site is


We'll be back with a newly updated website shortly!

Meanwhile, false websites continue to die. They stay dead.

Hi, sweet Miyuki, did you miss me? Did your website crash while I was on vacation? There is an important lesson in that. I'm certain you will want to pass this to your juniors and kids. Even if dot net goes away, even if it goes away forever, your false websites will continue to die. You cannot prevent that from happening.

Dot Net was tooted at this post at Ars Technica:

There are many honest members on afi dot org who do a good job. But they are heavily brainwashed into believing they are with a good forum.

However the moderators and administrators are egotistical idiots, who get great joy from slapping and harassing new members.

This is why the membership had dropped so much from over twenty thousand (sic) to less than two hundred. They do not have a clue as to how to run a forum.

They have secret hidden forums, where they teach Hacking and cashbaiting, (stealing money FROM victims) these go by names like "Death star" "Alpha delta bravo" "The Ted Lawrenson Memorial Library" ETC they are known as the "Dark arts". Much information and proof is shown in this forum.


Despite the threats against AFI and myself the campaign by those who wish us harm has not progressed but gone backwards.

The website encyclopedia dramatica es has closed down taking with it a lot of false and defamatory comments.

The threats and misinformation posted on www.juot.net have been removed, consequently quite a few details have also been removed by the search engines. This will continue.

*What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.*

Your organization has provided valuable information that has led to numerous arrests and convictions, specifically because you followed procedures and understood that everything had to be verified by different means. Therefore, your reputation is secured and your assistance was and is very much appreciated. No one can take away your successes.

Soylent Green and threats to afi.

The above is the original. De Master Yoda, in his infinite wisdom, thought it best to omit those words about his own dear encyclopedia page, in the current version, here.

Please also Post at http://antifraudintl.org/

Postby lizzytish ยป January 9th, 2014, 8:44 pm

Hello All, well going against the scammers and spammers has become increasingly harder over the last 1.5 years with our hands being clipped and our former methods and means for getting them, closed off to us. Its come to our understanding that a scam site has closed and possibly fallen into hands that are not so trustworthy.

Please also Post at http://antifraudintl.org/

Tiny Dan needs a lawyer. A good one, who will present the screenshots about the phishing campaigns successfully executed by afi org to keep that abominable site down for ever.

De Master Yoda is an admin at the other site and does a wonderful job.

Show your appreciation. Visit his personal fan page: